Chestnut TH

124 Chestnut Street is the first new-construction townhouse to be built on Beacon Hill in the past 50 years. The private, four-story home comprises 6,000 SF of living space, including a bi-level courtyard and roof deck with panoramic city views. The proportions of the facade were modeled on the building that stood on the site for many years, including the unique, large loft-style window at the center of the composition. The project underwent extensive historic review and is designed to be a modern interpretation of the Beacon Hill aesthetic that is present among the adjacent and surrounding architectural details of the neighborhood.

The exterior of the building looks unique with “honest” materials. The exposed brick that is left as it is gives a rustic effect in contrast to the black steel and glass which have industrial properties but blend harmoniously. The natural material colors also match the greenery planted on the roof top and are enhanced by the spotlight of the exterior lights that highlight the building.

Unlike the exterior, the interior of the room is dominated by white tones with a combination of wood. The concept of luxury and elegance is displayed in the interior in various ways, one of which is with wall panels, ceiling profiles, and luxurious crystal chandeliers.

Still in the same tone, the kitchen area looks luxurious with a white and wooden kitcen set highlighted by spotlights. Besides giving a luxurious effect, marble tables and marble walls also function so that they are easy to clean and always look clean. The cooking utensils are arranged in such a way on wooden shelves with classic paintings that are very beautiful.

The staircase area on the side of the building has an industrial concept with exposed materials, namely black steel frames and railings, glass railings, and wooden steps. On the outside of the stairs there is a glass window with a very large black steel frame to provide natural light in the morning and afternoon so that the staircase area is not dark.

The bedroom is slightly furnished, with just a large white bed, leather lounge chairs and marble fireplace. Even though it has a little furniture, the bedroom is very comfortable especially with large windows to see the outside. The impression of luxury still appears through the crystal chandelier, marble fireplace, and wall panels.