Chibo Villa

This is requested to be a simple, modern, tropical 4-bedroom-private house for a young and energetic couple.

After studied the site, a red-ish brown colour from the soil of the surrounding nature was found. Thus, we adopted the interesting colour palette into the architecture. It then became the colour of the entire walls of house, making it blend in within the nature.

Sitting on a sloped site 75 meters above sea level of Tampah Hills, the sites amazing ocean views to the south gives the house a breath-taking entrance and atmosphere in a tropical surrounding.

We oriented the house to the south where the ocean is and gave it a big canopy with climbing plants to protect the house from the direct Lombok strong sunlight coming from the east and the west.

The house was designed sustainably using simple local material such as sand stones, coloured cement, and local teak wood from Lombok, Bali, and other parts of Indonesia.