Coastal Craftsman: Biophilic - Artistic House - House Decades

Coastal Craftsman: Biophilic – Artistic House

This project was a family affair — the homeowners are dear friends and we were honored to work with them and their delightful children throughout the process. The home they built, which was designed by Todd Hittmeier, stands on the same plot as their former home where they had made over a decade of happy memories. From the moment you walk in the door, water views, natural materials, and a cheerful coastal color palette further enforce the home’s connection with nature.

Other biophilic elements include the Tabby Shell Stucco porch, salvaged teak doors that give way to the client’s home office, and a vaulted wood ceiling in the master bedroom. In order to give their new home an old soul, we selectedmaterials and features you would typically find in historic homes — exposed brick, shiplap, and oiled white oak floors — which not only add character, but will stand up to everyday living. Sentimental pieces like their original dining room table and an antique grandfather clock, which has been in the family for generations, further add to the sense of place.

“My goodness, I can’t even imagine this process without Franco and what he brought to the table for us… His attention to detail and making sure that it was comfortable was really remarkable; things we never thought of that became really instrumental to the functionality and use of our house.”