Crestview Lane is a residential building in Sagaponack located in the middle of a beautiful field and surrounded by a vast forest of pine and lush green grass.

This building has an exterior which is dominated by wood as a response to the surrounding natural conditions in the form of green fields and pine forests. The wooden panel walls arranged vertically are combined with a harmonious horizontal roof structure.

The wooden walls and wooden floors on the exterior of the building are combined with black steel frames for doors and windows, as well as stair railings. This combination provides a minimalist concept apart from being visible from the shape of the building which has the main mass of the cube.

The large swimming pool in the backyard is made with the concept of an infinity pool that allows residents to enjoy the surrounding scenery while swimming. Several seats are also provided as a place to rest or just relax enjoying the sunset.

Still the same as the exterior of the building, the interior of this residential building also still has a wooden outline. As seen in the kitchen and dining room, the wooden Islamic cabinets and tables are combined with rattan bar stools which are unique and give an eclectic impression. The kitchen and dining room have direct access without dividing so that they look more spacious.

The interior of the room is dominated by white which is the color of the walls and ceiling. In the dining area, a large long wooden dining table with green dining chairs is the center of the room. Above the dining table hangs a gold chandelier with a suitable eclectic concept.

Still the same as the kitchen and dining room, the living room is also dominated by bright white, even down to the furniture. The combination of white and wood gives a hot and cold effect in an attractive room. The eclectic pendant lamp and firewood supplies that hang on the wall are at the same time an accidental but beautiful detail and ornament.

Different nuances are seen in the family room with the dominance of gray and brown wood in the room. The walls are detailed using square geometric wooden panels in matching gray with a large comfortable sofa for watching television. The wooden ceiling and floor give a warm effect to the room.

In almost all rooms there are large windows made of black steel and glass that allow natural light to enter the room. This window provides natural lighting as well as natural ventilation in the space so that it saves energy, besides that the large glass windows also provide a beautiful view from indoors to outside.

The bedroom is dominated by light colors with a combination of wood so that it provides a calm nuance to rest. Soft colors also give a spacious impression to the bedroom by accentuating the bed and the beautiful outside view.