Darling woods - House Decades

Darling woods

Real home always starts with the family. And here we are, building a dream for small, but truly inspiring kin. Try to remind yourself — what was the most interesting part of a childhood or your teen years? Here we are for the second time — fulfilling a dream by building a huge swimming pool for the big accomplishments!

If you look inside, you’ll find another inspiration — an art studio for the woman of the house. Stay for a while — her kitchen is full of professional gadgetry, anything for a true muse. But still our biggest inspiration is her classical and artistic taste. That’s the mane style of the whole architecture.

That’s why you see it as a kind of island made of natural stone and decorated with classical moldings. Inside you sense a cozy cave with the one-floor solution, kitchen and living room attached in one leisure zone with a ceiling about 4,5 meters high. Everything you love, want, dream about is here: ancient sculptures, floor-to-ceiling windows with French joints and bleached travertine.