DS House

This project is a major renovation of a house designed in the eighties Italian-Brazilian architect Ugo di Pace. Client, who has grown up children leave the family home, aiming for functionality and beyond integration between spaces is now occupied only by couples. That The volume of the house occupies almost the entire narrow surface and a deep plot. It is characterized by the robustness of the structure, with a slight opening, highlighted by a cylindrical concrete column on front and rear facades, containing pillars and hydraulics installation.

Small movements bring fluidity to architecture, just like zooming in openings to let sunlight in and create views towards the garden. With an intense social life, clients pay special attention to redesign common areas for having parties. Ground floor divided between blocks on the side of the road, holds the garage, kitchen, and service areas, and another one where the living room and dining room are oriented towards the backyard.

The main entrance is made through a corridor that runs along with one of the sides of the plot. The swimming pool was enlarged to have a section transformed into a 20m swimming rink that suggests continuity between this corridor and the backyard. A circular skylight was created in front of the entrance door, upon entering the house one sees a massive piece of millwork that seems to float due to its cantilevered structure. It forms an axis that distributes access to the living room, dining room, pantry, and kitchen.

Openings were enlarged and glass doors were added to bring within the house the atmosphere created by the vertical gardens that occupy the perimeter of the plot. A pergola protects a space for outdoor meals, next to the wooden deck in front of the swimming pool made out of travertine marble. A bench inside the pool extends along with one of its sides, concealing the lighting. In the living room, the cylindrical column holds a hearth whereas the dark Brazilian teak staircase was kept from the original project, contrasting with the light tones of the interior

The home theater in the first floor is continuous to the double-height the ceiling of the living room with a photo selection of Sebastião Salgado. A fitness room, constantly used by the clients, also functions as a corridor that gives access to the master suite, with a large skylight dominating the space. Two separate closets and bathrooms were crated for the couple and a guestroom that opens to a small courtyard was renovated. All the enclosed spaces receive natural light from solar tubes.

The façade was divided into two horizontal sections, one with the expanded openings in the ground floor and another made with a wooden moucharabieh that encases the first floor. The structural cylinders are tangent to these panels, creating waves that soften the preexisting volume. The materials employed were travertine marble in the ground floor and American oak in the private areas flooring and millwork.

This renovation creates a refreshing atmosphere for a house occupied by the clients for decades. Functional and simple, the project updates usages and establishes a blur between inside and outside, blending small landscapes that bring natural light, greenery and fluidity to the architecture.