East Berkeley Lofts - House Decades

East Berkeley Lofts

Located at an important gateway junction in Boston’s South End, East Berkeley Lofts combines a ‘pass-stop’ corridor system to create a split-level, loft-style apartment with ventilation and circulation in a highly efficient floor plan. The living room and bedroom are separated by a half floor, allowing most apartments to have at least two exposures and a bedroom area with views of the city center. Multiple floor levels are expressed in a corner where a double-height lobby gallery is located within a copper sculpture and a glass tower. Two facades overlooking the street along East Berkeley Street and Harrison Avenue weave metal detailed with beige brick, cast stone, and clear and frosted glass, drawing inspiration from the surrounding context but reinterpreting it as a very modern building.

The interior of the apartment building is designed simple and minimalist with light furniture. The room with minimal dividers with large windows that provide natural light to illuminate the space makes this apartment comfortable to live in.