ED House is a residence with a modern tropical style. This residence resembles a villa that provides comfort in mind and body for its residents. Located among topical plants, this house has a green view that is very beautiful, cool, and soothing.

The bedroom is not too massive, even though it is closed, this room has an opening in the form of a very large glass window on one side to enjoy the very green outside view. This glass window also provides access to natural sunlight into the room in accordance with the concept of sustainable architecture.

This space ventilation is obtained through natural entry through sliding doors which are designed to have tight holes on all sides. In addition, artificial ventilation is obtained through a fan just above the bed without air conditioning. The bedroom has a calming feel with minimal furnishings, warm browns and an understated spotlight that is simply placed on the back side of the bed.

The semi-open communal space accommodates gathering activities such as a living room, dining room and bar table as well as a kitchen. The wooden structure is arranged beautifully into a very interesting detail in this building. The nuances of dark brown wood give a warm impression in accordance with the function of the room as a gathering place with minimal divides between spaces and between indoor and outdoor spaces.

From this room we can enjoy views of the pool and garden at the same time. These two attractive views provide a pleasant and calming holiday feel at the same time even when eating or just cooking in the kitchen.

The main mass of this building is a cube which reflects the minimalist concept of this building. The garden arrangement with tropical plants becomes an attractive exterior detail when juxtaposed with the minimalist concept of the building with a simple form without significant details.

The family room to relax and enjoy the entertainment of TV shows is made with a semi-closed concept almost the same as the bedroom. Large glass windows and sliding doors with louvers conform to the concept of sustainable architecture which accommodates natural light and natural ventilation.

The bathroom also has a semi-open concept dominated by wood and a small garden on one side which becomes the open side. This plant also acts as a barrier so that it is not too visible from the outside other than to give a tropical impression in accordance with the concept of this building.