Egypt Close is a residence located in East Hampton with an area of +/- 40,000 SF. From the outside, the exterior of this building has a contemporary-classic building style with expressive forms. The roof is unique with a slight curve at the bottom.

In the backyard there is a swimming pool with a size that is quite large and a yard with beautiful green grass. By the pool there are lounge chairs with shaded umbrellas that make a relaxing atmosphere like a vacation.

From the entrance, we are immediately greeted by a transition room with stairs leading to the 2nd floor. Even though it is only a transitional room, this space is designed with several beautiful details. Silver chandelier with large geometric ornaments that become the center of attention when you first enter the house, white walls with panel details, and stairs with attractive railings in a classic style with a touch of wood.

The kitchen of this house is dominated by white with a classic kitchen set combined with a marble island table and gold bar stools that give an elegant twist, coupled with two simple but luxurious chandeliers. The kitchen area has direct, non-partitioned access to the dining room in the corner of the room.

In the corner of this house, at the end of the kitchen area, there is a dining room with a contemporary theme and a little eclectic touch. The color tone of the dining room is dark blue which is embedded in the dining chairs and window blinds. The circular dining table adapts to the shape of the room in the corner, the soft dining chair with detailed geometric ornaments on the seat is the center of attention of this room besides the window curtains with naturalist ornaments.

The family room and living room also have the same color tone, namely dark blue with touches of bright yellow and green. Both of these rooms are filled with large sofas, both plain and patterned sofas. Even though there are many sofas with large sizes, these two rooms do not look cramped because of the right layout and natural light from the sun that enters through the large glass windows on the sides of the room.

The bathroom is dominated by white with a touch of gray which makes this bathroom look wider and cleaner. The large mirror, besides functioning as a dress up tool, also has a function to give a broad impression to the room.