ELEGANCE EN PLEIN AIR: Eclectic Colorful House - House Decades

ELEGANCE EN PLEIN AIR: Eclectic Colorful House

The #Casadisilvana “En plein air” project has enhanced, with a radical intervention, the ground floor of a three-level villa located on the Lazio coast. The owner is Silvana, an elegant and eclectic lady who spends the months of spring and summer here with her family. The state of the place, lacking sufficient windows, made the domestic space oppressive and not very liveable. The consequence was, among other things, an excessive use of artificial lights to illuminate the rooms.

The solution adopted involved a skilful and courageous demolition of all the non-load-bearing walls, and the opening of a single large sliding window. The intervention allowed the entry of natural light in such quantity as to make the new space unrecognizable. Absolute white, chosen as the primary base on which to paint shades of green, and the discreet presence of furnishings in favor of flush-to-wall wardrobes have amplified the effect of brightness. The space is immediately perceived as larger and this made possible the realization of Silvana’s first great desire: “… to be able to read, work, cook and always feel immersed in the greenery of my garden”.

Opening the window, the very white patio forms a continuum with the room, the green creeps inside, while the house and the garden merge into an in and out no longer so rigidly distinct. The styling is inspired by nature, daisies are printed on the fabrics to decorate a seat designed especially for Silvana. Wildflowers rest in large emerald glass jugs. A metal wire is bent to form a sculptural cactus. And everything refers to love for a life … en plein air.