Feeling The Oat : Paradoxes & Contrasts of Modern Contemporary

Feeling The Oat : Paradoxes & Contrasts of Modern Contemporary

Paradoxes & contrasts of modern contemporary and the true family values.
We had to change the rules of the game and turn over our own idea of the modern style, which we propagandize, in order to imbed the most valued for the memory things. We inlaid relics and nostalgic souvenirs into elements of our contemporary interior, completely merging with the vision of the customer. That’s the symbiotic relationship of ours identity and the owner.

Multicolored accents sprawled around the classical calmness of YODEZEEN say a lot. The comfort of the family was particularly significant here, so you can really feel every oat in every corner. And functionality, as the most important story of this narrative. Every area is flowing from one to another, creating one of the best assembles we have ever done. Looks like we carved spaces out of the original interior to create more volume and coziness.

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