FLY ME TO THE BLUE: Scandinavian Blue House - House Decades

FLY ME TO THE BLUE: Scandinavian Blue House

Casadimarkus is among the projects of the last year the one that gave me more emotions; the client, a young Finnish driver, contacted me in December 2018 from Jyväskylä telling me that he had recently been on a visit to Turku, the ancient Finnish capital and that he had visited the first of my Scandinavian projects (#CasadiJuhana). For this reason he intended to entrust me with the interior design of his future home: a portion of 140 square meters of a semi-detached house that he shared with his brother and whose construction would begin shortly thereafter.

The distribution of the spaces was already partially defined, the design of the systems only sketched out, and I would have had the interesting opportunity to orient the functional design of the apartment as well. Of course I accepted above all for having caught in Markus a genuine and fresh desire to let himself go to experimentation and for his stubborn and courageous desire to dress that space with an original identity to be built. 

From the repeated briefings with Markus, the need emerged to create a lively space but also suitable for relaxation, a nest where he could meet from time to time with family and friends, after returning from constant air travel.

During the early stages of our work it proved necessary to make a few important preliminary changes to the original technical design. In the first place, the house ideally developed on a directrix that started from the secondary entrance and crossed a very long corridor to visually intercept the main entrance beyond the hall. It was necessary to find an enhancing solution to interrupt that long visual path and preserve, when necessary, the privacy between the living and sleeping areas. The insertion of a wooden pivot door almost three meters high made it possible to reach the goal with satisfaction, also allowing us to play with the construction of a plasterboard niche overlooking the living room, designed to reduce the light of the otherwise too much door. imposing. The housing for the firewood reserve was positioned in the cavity thus obtained.

The fulcrum of the project is the composition of an island kitchen positioned on one side of the large living room: an open and comfortably equipped space, a real social kitchen also thanks to the presence of a relaxing box placed in front of the worktop, a place to relax by reading a good book and at the same time to welcome Markus’s friends while he tries his hand at one of his passions: cooking (especially the Italian one).

Italy has inspired the choice of many furnishing details: the suspension hood by Elica positioned on the kitchen fires, the Aim liana lamps by Flos to create a minimal scenography on the table, and above all the bathroom that in a few square meters only pieces produced by Italian brands such as Flos, Fantini rubinetterie, Cielo and Mutina. From the hybridization of Scandinavian and Italian culture, a project was born that amiably combines rigor in clean lines and a more creative and courageous composition of the furnishings. The chromatic leitmotif is dominated by blue, the color suggested by Markus capable of evoking the most important moments of his life: from the skies that he crosses daily on his airplanes for work, to the waves of the ocean that he loves to challenge in his free time with his surfing, his other great passion.

Blue characterizes the back of the kitchen, slips beyond the pivot door, coloring the long corridor, a more intimate area of ​​the house that we have designed with custom-made iron and wood furnishings; here there are also some surfboards on the walls decorated by a Finnish artist. The blue continues and also dominates the walls and ceiling of the bedroom where the ironic presence of the clouds made with wire mesh designed by an Italian designer for Magis is surprising, an irresistible scenographic background crystallized in a shot whose true protagonist is Markus with his pilot uniform who lives his life suspended between the sky and the sea.