Four 51 PH: Minimalist Penthouse with Boston’s View - House Decades

Four 51 PH: Minimalist Penthouse with Boston’s View

Four51 PH is a residence by Hacin + Associates located in Boston and was completed in 2017. This residence has an area of 5,800 m2 with a minimalist concept and the historical context of Back Bay simultaneously.

This penthouse is dominated by exposed materials. Black steel gives a firm and minimalist impression, while the wooden floor gives off a warm impression. Both contrast materials give an interesting coherence, with a white touch on the walls give a spacious and minimalist impression.

Large windows and doors provide light entry to even the hallways. The walls in the hallway are made different by giving a touch of horizontal panel ornament with a minimalist concept.

There is a chandelier that makes the warmer and elegant atmosphere in the void area even at night or during the day.

Still, with the concept of exposed material with a basic black and white color with wooden ornaments, the living room is dominated by white furniture and as a confirmation of the difference in space, a wooden panel wall is given to the work space.

The kitchen and dining area has direct access to the terrace which has a beautiful view of the city of Boston, for that this area is full of large black steel windows and doors so that we can see the outside view while enjoying a meal.

Unlike the living room, the family room is dominated by furniture that is more prominent with a dark gray sofa and a combination table of wood and steel. The combination of colors and materials gives a warmer impression to the family room.

The master bedroom is presented with a simpler concept with softer wood colors. Compared to other rooms in the penthouse, the master bedroom only has a few large windows on certain sides which are intended to provide privacy to the room.