Four51 Marlborough

Four51 Marlborough introduces contemporary residential buildings into the fabric of Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood. The project reinforces the character and texture of historic Marlborough Street through the use of materials found throughout the environment, including brick, precast limestone and black steel.

The Four51 mass builds from the lower scale of the adjacent townhouse to the higher corner elements, transitioning to the height of the Charlesgate building. The street façade is punctuated by townhouse entrances and windows that continue the character of the block and the main entrance scales closely, framed in cast stone and granite.

The lobby with a concierge area provides lift access to the residential unit and underground parking. Most units have outdoor space including a back garden, patio and penthouse roof deck with views of the city skyline.

The interior of the resident unit has a modern minimalist concept and is dominated by gray and white and a combination of wood beige colors. The colors of gray and white have a cool character while wood and brown give a warm nature to the building. These two color combinations make the resident unit less monotonous.

The resident unit is made very minimal partition with large windows as the entry of sunlight which functions as natural lighting in the room.