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FP3 | Concept Home

the Fall of 2009, H+A worked with Boston Home Magazine to design the Concept Home at FP3. Located in a duplex penthouse in an Hacin + Associates building [FP3], the eclectic space was the result of collaboration with a dynamic group of local vendors. The space celebrates contrast and reuse, with juxtapositions of high and low, modern and vintage.

An eclectic style house combines various styles in a very unique but beautiful furniture. The combination of dark colors and bright colors gives a different impression to the house. One of them is seen in long table furniture with many legs that have many styles and colors. This table is not functional but as decoration with a classic statue towering on one side.

The living room, dining room and kitchen have direct access. The combination of bright yellow, black, and white makes the room look unique with an eclectic design. A modern sofa with a unique shape and bright yellow color combined with vintage-style glass shelves in the living room, black paneled walls and wooden floors are combined with a black fur rug and transparent yellow curtains.

The dining room and kitchen are dominated by white. The kitchen is tidy and clean with dark wood cabinets, while the dining area with modern white dining chairs and futuristic glass tables is matched with an elegant white vintage chandelier. The two sides of the walls are detailed with random letters and dark marble walls.

Different color tones are presented in living rooms and bedrooms. The combination of dark black and warm bright orange works well with the exposed materials that are highlighted. A modern minimalist black fireplace in the living room is matched with large abstract paintings and a cozy monochrome rug. Details on the stairs are the words arranged on the steps in a bright orange color against a black background to match the light colored parquet and iron railings.