H | Carpat: Misty Pine Mountain House

H | Carpat is a dwelling on a cold, misty pine hill. This house is in the form of a cube with 2 masses aligned. With a solid black color made from a layer of wood on the exterior walls, it gives a mysterious impression to this building. Its unique shape with contrasting colors makes this building look attractive in the misty pine mountains.

The two masses in this building distinguish two different space requirements. One building cube has a function to accommodate public spaces such as the living room, kitchen and dining room. While the other building cubes have a function to accommodate private spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

The interior of this building has a modern minimalist concept with a simple selection of furniture. The black color still dominates the interior of the building, combined with other natural colors such as white and brown wood so that it is not too monotonous. The combination of these colors makes the building feel warm even though it is in a cold and foggy location.