H | Maramureș: Pine Mountains House

A residence located in the pine mountains with cool air. Has a modern minimalist concept with a masculine impression. Strict geometric shapes become the concept of this building, the use of materials with masculine tones such as wood, marble, stone, and concrete is presented honestly without being covered up. Masculine colors such as black, gray, and brown dominate this building.

The beautiful view from the site makes this building designed to have many openings to enjoy the view. Large glass windows and semi-open spaces are an alternative in addition to providing views as well as to provide natural light and ventilation in the room so that this house building becomes an energy efficient building without lights and air conditioning when not needed.

This residence has lots of space to gather, the semi-open area by the pool can be used as a relaxing sitting area enjoying the view and having coffee in the afternoon and morning. There is also a large sofa and a fireplace that will warm you up at night with a projector for watching movies together.

Another uniqueness of this house is that the artificial lighting that comes from lights is made as aesthetically pleasing as possible by placing a strip of led lights to match the ceiling shape. The combination of the wooden ceiling with this light strip provides its own unique details.

In addition to the ceiling, the arrangement of lights on the stairs is also considered to be an interesting point, especially at night. This residence was built by adjusting the contours of the existing footprint, namely in the mountains so that this building has many floor levels that are made to remain comfortable and safe.

The inside of this house does not have many partitions, between one room and another, it is open to each other, especially in public areas such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Concepts like this allow residents to interact more freely as well as to make the space look wider.