HALLANDALE BEACH HOUSE: Modern Tropical Residence - House Decades

HALLANDALE BEACH HOUSE: Modern Tropical Residence

Hallandale Beach House is a beachfront residence with a modern tropical concept. This residence is located in Miami, United States with an area of 8,000 sqft and was designed in 2020. The exterior with the distinctive design and shape of modern architecture can be seen from the mass of the cube-shaped building with certain compositions and the use of natural materials that make this building meet the concept of tropical architecture. This residence has a large swimming pool at the back of the house, beside the swimming pool there are lounge chairs to enjoy time by the pool.

The front view of this building is like two building masses with a symmetrical shape, but in fact they are a single building mass. in the center there is a fish pond with lotus on it emphasizing the tropical concept.

The interior of the building is dominated by wooden materials with bright colors combined with plants placed in the room so that the tropical concept is felt in the building. Ceilings that are high from the floor provide air access that is free to exchange so that the house becomes cool. Large windows also allow natural sunlight to enter the house as natural lighting.