Hexagon: Apartment with Hexagonal Accent

Hexagon is an apartment with a modern minimalist concept with a room that is not too large. Because the size is not large, the arrangement of the rooms in this apartment is designed to be able to accommodate all the activities and needs of the residents without compromising their comfort. One way is to not use a lot of room dividers so that the room seems more spacious and comfortable for indoor mobility.

Because there are not many partitions and room dividers, different room markers use different floor materials and shapes. For example, to distinguish the kitchen from the family room, the kitchen is given a hexagoal motif wood floor, while the family room uses an ordinary horizontal parquet floor. The use of randomly arranged hexagonal shapes actually creates an artistic impression on the interior of the building.

The colors that dominate the interior of this apartment are warm natural colors such as brown. The furniture used is minimalist in concept and does not take up too much space. Storage spaces are hidden in certain places so that the room still looks neat and clean.

Several works of art embedded in the interior of the building give an artistic impression and eliminate the monotony of the room. The artwork given also has a color that matches the tone in the room so that it is harmonious and artistic.