Hollywood Bungalow

Walker Workshop as an architect is approached to radically transform a ninety year old house in Hollywood California. We removed existing small dark-walled room layouts to create a space filled with light and flow.

The architect added floor-to-ceiling windows and doors and a large volumetric skylight in the center of the room. The skylight is lined with reclaimed wood for the walls of the existing house that has been moved.

As designers and builders, Walker Workshop are responsible for all aspects of the design and construction of the project which allows us to tightly control costs and include special details throughout the process.

The kitchen and dining area are in an area without partition. The kitchen set in the kitchen is made with a neat and clean concept. By using wood, the storage cabinet looks integrated with the wall. In the middle of this area there is a dining table that is not too big but functional.

The kitchen and dining areas have direct access to the living room with large black sofas and a minimalist fireplace. This family room has large openings in the form of large glass windows to enjoy the view from the top of the hill and functions as access to sunlight and natural ventilation.

The bathroom area is designed simple but attractive with material details in the form of small white tiles combined with black marble and dark wood.

The dominance of black and wood materials appears in the living room and bedroom. This combination makes the rooms in this house both masculine and warm at the same time.