HOME WITH A VIEW: 360 ° View of Rome - House Decades

HOME WITH A VIEW: 360 ° View of Rome

The penthouse is located in the Monteverde Vecchio district, an area characterized by the presence of prestigious villas and buildings that enjoy a 360 ° view of Rome. It was precisely this view, together with the tranquility of a residential neighborhood that convinced the two young owners to move away from the chaotic old town in which they lived.

The state of the places presented itself with a fairly binding distribution system; a load-bearing wall separated the small rectangular hall from the rest of the house, a spiral staircase was positioned almost in the center of the entrance and all the other rooms of the house overlooked a very long and narrow corridor. A classic period apartment. Once inside, the impact was “overwhelming” due to the red period tapestries that covered the ceilings and walls, the very low coffered entrance ceiling, all lit by a single window.

The project has more or less maintained the original distribution, but the demolition of some portions of partitions allowed to focus attention on what was the most “sacrificed” and difficult to exploit area; thanks also to a window “stolen” from the adjacent room, the light was allowed to enter and completely illuminate the environment.

The separation of the kitchen from the dining room was envisaged, but using a window frame with glass in order not to abruptly interrupt the visual continuity. The corridor has been shortened but made more functional thanks to the inclusion of wardrobes and doors flush with the wall, interrupted only by a vertical niche that houses an exhibition bookcase.

The rest of the house has remained essentially unchanged, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. An ad hoc walk-in closet has been created in the structurally lower area of ​​the master bedroom. The mood of the entire house was born after several meetings with my clients; my passion for color and ornamental wallpapers has been softened by their minimal tastes, sober and very close to an industrial style with some Nordic imprint. We therefore kept to the shades of gray and other light colors.

In fact, in all “user centered” projects, listening and diverging opinions generate a stimulating creative process. Home with a view is perhaps the one of my projects that best represents this fusion: in fact, to the absolute white of the entrance / dining room I have added colors such as the pink, ocher and turquoise of the Mom Families, which dominate the scene.

These colors give an anticipation of the dominant ones in the sleeping area; the corridor is characterized by a sage green, then we move on to the blue and black of the “SPA” bathroom with the Mipa wall tiles that reflect the tradition of the Marmette, to finally arrive at a powder pink in the master bathroom, characterized by a decidedly vintage flavor thanks to the 80’s collection by Ornamenta.

All the supplies such as the bookcase, the bathroom furniture, the dining table and the hardware have been designed ad hoc, creating that unicum required by a sartorial design that distinguishes Hometelling: houses as tailor-made suits.