House at Sagaponac

XTEN Architecture designed the weekend home for the second phase of the development of the famous architecture Houses in Sagaponac, XTEN Architecture envisioned the residence as a single sloping sculptural volume related to the horizontal scale of the landscape. The rooms, terraces and verandas are gathered under and protected by this large, embracing roof form. The home’s main geometry evokes the slung-low shingle structural style and classic modernist architecture that the Hamptons are famous for.

The simplicity of the exterior of the house belies the complexity of the space in its interior, as rooms, terraces and courtyards with varying ceiling heights flow from outside to inside and back again. The house is arranged as two angled wings around a courtyard, each of which opens and connects to a large terrace facing south. The West wing consists of social spaces; kitchen, dining and living area, culminating in a double height space that opens in three directions to the landscape.

The East Wing contains guest bedroom suites, each oriented towards a private natural view. The covered porch facing south opens onto a large swimming pool terrace with a full length staircase that connects to the meadow grass. Above this covered terrace is the master bedroom with its own roof deck.

The interior and exterior walls are clad in gray vertical cedar planks, which reinforce the robustness and uniqueness of the architectural form. Glass is the only other primary covering material, in the form of large fixed panels and a long span of sliding glass walls that disappear into hidden wall gaps. The use of wood floors throughout the house, decks and terraces continues the indoor-outdoor materiality, which is strengthened when the glass walls slide. The indoor-outdoor spaces are layered at once open and closed, modern and vernacular, while the house creates a strong profile of the landscape and sense of place in the fields and forests of Sagaponac.