A two-storey house made of laminated veneer lumber is located 30 km north of St. Petersburg. The placement of the house on the territory is dictated by the wishes of the customer, the location of the cardinal points, as well as the location of the site relative to the existing infrastructure. To the left of the plot is the main house with a spacious living room, an open kitchen-dining room, a small guest room and a laundry room on the first floor, a parent’s bedroom and two rooms for children on the second. 

On the right is an outbuilding, which is a buffer between the road and the site, it not only protects the yard from prying eyes, but also serves as a “noise barrier”. Inside the household. the buildings include a sauna with a relaxation room, a workshop, a storage room, and a garage for two cars. The recreation room, as well as the dining room of the main house, has access to an open terrace with a small pool and barbecue area.