HOUSE IN COMPORTA: Modern-Vernacular House in the Middle of the Desert

A residence with a unique concept located in Compporta, Portugal. This residential building with a modern-vernacular concept was designed by José Guedes Cruz, César Marques, Marco Martínez Marinho, Margarida Santos Lima. The building is in the middle of the desert using local natural materials as building materials. Such as wood, twigs, straw and others.

The shape is simple with a shape like a house in general, but the corner of the roof does not use other materials but the same as with the walls. The exterior of the building using wood and twigs makes this building blend with the surrounding nature according to the vernacular concept that is carried out. This house also has an outdoor lounge which is used to enjoy the scenery around the house.

Although the outside of the building’s facade has a traditional vernacular concept, the inside of this house is still comfortable with a modern concept that can accommodate the needs of its residents. Even though this house has a vernacular concept, it does not cover modernization and technology.

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