HT House

Located on the hills of Jabon in Selong Belanak, Lombok, this villa sits 200 meters above sea level. It is designed to be a hidden tropical escape on the lush hills overlooking the Selong Belanak Bay.

The public spaces were designed to feel like a large living room. We arranged the rooms to be a group of small cozy and private spaces allowing for every guest to have their own private spot in the public areas.

Our idea was to split the buildings into several pavilions spread around the 3,5 hectare property. Each pavilion is to have it’s own compound giving maximum privacy to the guests. We positioned every pavilion to have breath-taking views towards the ocean in the south and surrounding forest landscape.

As sustainability is an important factor in Lombok, we approached the design by using local craftsmanship and materials, and providing spaces with natural airflow to reduce the usage of air-conditioning. The collection of rain water, and the usage of solar panels were applied to the design. The public spaces were designed with large open spaces and completely outdoor facilities allowing for a tropical experience throughout the house.