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Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish word used to recognize feelings or special moments. Can be alone or with friends, at home or while traveling, ordinary or unusual, but always comfortable, charming, or special. Experience security, equality, personal integrity, and spontaneous social flow that is fun and valued every day

The residence is located on the east coast of Lake Champlain in Vermont in the densely populated lake district. It was on the site of a former residence that was torn down because of water damage and the presence of lead, fungus, and asbestos. Demolition requires reduction in accordance with state and federal law. This new house is a one-story building with 850 square meters of interior space, which is divided into public areas. Sea side on the west, bedroom and utility road on the east. Long gables with storage walls provide privacy, protection and protection for the living room and enclosed deck. Storage space is provided on the roof trusses and building infrastructure is in the crawling space. The disturbance is limited to existing footprints, which reduce the burden on the surrounding ecosystem and the environment.

The design part comes from the idea of ​​creating a house that reflects important things. Architectural language that is processed and derived from what is needed; The simple rectangular layout, the elongated gable structure that defines the entrance and veranda, the minimalist palette of the cedar and the metal roof contribute to the feeling of honest expression. Architecture is said to build a close relationship between residents and landscaping. This connection to our existence in due course embodies the importance of HYGGE.




O’Neill Builders




Erica Allen Studio


2018 AIA VT Citation

2019 Wood – Living and Working

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