INTERIOR KAS - House Decades


The desire of people to make, design, repair, improve something by themselves after the collapse of the USSR and with the emergence in Russia of a wide market for the sphere of repair services and proposals for finished furniture has significantly decreased. 

Over the past few years, there has been a boom in foreign DIY blogs, magazines and video tutorials that tell you how to make original furniture, create decor items from old things and fill your home with comfort, without significant financial investments. In Russia, this movement is only gaining momentum.

This project is an experiment, the purpose of which was to understand what can be done in the interior with your own hands, having zero skills in the repair and production of furniture, using household tools and appliances.

The premises of the townhouse were originally without any utility lines and any finishing: only bare walls, concrete ceilings and interior partitions. 

Engineering work was carried out by professionals. The metal elements are welded and painted in the workshop of a friendly auto repair shop nearby for a nominal fee. 

Everything else was done independently: plastering and painting the walls, cleaning and varnishing the concrete ceiling, laying and painting the floor, assembling the mezzanine, as well as making furniture, lamps and decor.