The apartments are located in a renovated building near St. Isaac’s Cathedral in the center of St. Petersburg. The main task of the project was to preserve the original space of the main room of the apartment with large floor-to-ceiling windows, therefore, all the main areas (living room, kitchen and bedrooms) are located along the windows, and utility rooms and bathrooms are located along the blank wall.

We wanted to preserve the light and volume of the room as much as possible, so the living room-kitchen was given the central part of the apartment with two windows, and the main bedroom with a third window is separated from the common area by a glass partition, which helps to preserve the feeling of a common space.

The interior is built around a mixture of minimalist aesthetics with classic elements. In the spacious living room, an elegant metal library adjoins classic double doors with copper fittings, in the bedroom an antique French wardrobe stands out against the background of a simple-shaped bed, in an ascetic white bathroom, a classic-shaped copper bathtub is adjacent to an elegant metal ladder for towels and a frame cabinet under the sink. , in the guest bedroom, an antique dresser was chosen as a classic element …

Copper elements are used in the interior details: mixers, legs, hinges, handles, hooks, lamps, sills, dividers; and minimalist technological solutions were also used: cutting the wall instead of a plinth, finishing the wall with different materials in one level – terrazzo in the bathrooms is laid in the level with plaster through a copper divider. Modernist details can be traced throughout the interior: arches, rounding of elements, spherical lampshades in frosted white glass …

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