INTERIOR MUA - House Decades


A two-storey townhouse located in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. The interior was designed for the illustrator Yulia Adamova, the founder of the poster shop VIZHU KITA .

A relatively small budget was allocated for the implementation of the project, therefore, in order to obtain a visually non-standard solution, it was decided to do a lot with our own hands on the spot, from finishing the house to furniture and decor. 

Moreover, the hostess of the house was ready to actively participate in the process.

Almost all furniture and elements in the apartment are made on site from pine furniture boards and boards according to our sketches. In total, more than a dozen pieces of furniture were made from the furniture board: a staircase, a wardrobe, a bed, a dining table and work tables, a countertop and an apron for the kitchen and laundry, a vanity unit, decorative window frames.

The kitchen wall decoration on the ground floor is made of coniferous boards of different widths. 

The boards were aged with the help of tools at hand: an ax, a hammer, a screwdriver and nails.

 They were scarified, beaten and brushed, and at the end Yulia painted them by hand with several shades of oil to give them a more complex color texture. 

The wall in the bathroom of the second floor and the head of the bed in the bedroom are implemented according to the same principle.

The apartment also has several converted metal objects: a wardrobe and a cabinet in the study. The factory paint was removed from the metal elements with the help of chemistry, covered with a special compound for cold bluing of steel and fixed with transparent wax. The bedroom has a converted Ikea table lamp by the bed. A standard lamp was aged with a gas burner and a hammer.

Some of the furniture and decor were bought at auctions and flea markets: an armchair in the living room, stools, a mirror, a work chair, a table lamp, a lamp above the table in the bedroom – vintage that was given a second life.