INTERIOR NKF - House Decades


The two-level apartment for rent is located in a constructivist monument built in 1928-1930 by architects Moisei Ginzburg, Ignatius Milinis and engineer Sergei Prokhorov for employees of the USSR People’s Commissariat of Finance. In 2020, the complex reconstruction of the Narkomfin building was completed under the leadership of the chief architect of the project, Alexei Ginzburg, the grandson of the architect Moisei Ginzburg.

The three-room apartment is located in a type K residential unit. On the first level there is a living room with a compact ergonomic kitchen and a small dining area, a shower room and an entrance hall. 

The second level is accessed by a staircase covered with xylene, an artificial stone made from sawdust, which was preserved during the restoration of the building. 

The upper level houses the main isolated bedroom, a study with a second light and a bathroom.

The interior is designed in a “nomenclature” style with Scandinavian elements. When designing, it was important not to violate the concept of organizing the living space and its architecture.