K House

K House is a beachfront residence with a modern tropical style. This residence resembles a villa that provides comfort in mind and body for its residents. Nestled among topical plants, this house has a very beautiful, cool, and soothing green view.

The family room is made with a semi-open concept with the bedroom. Large glass windows and sliding glass doors conform to the concept of sustainable architecture which accommodates natural light and natural ventilation. From this room the view of the sea and the swimming pool can be seen very clearly.

Wooden furniture in neutral colors combined with earth tones creates a topical impression that fits the concept of this building.

Open concept washroom on one side of the building and a small garden on one side. This plant acts as a barrier so that it is not too visible from the building besides giving a tropical impression in accordance with the concept of this building.

The main mass of this building is a cube which reflects the minimalist concept of this building. The garden arrangement with tropical plants becomes an attractive exterior detail when juxtaposed with the minimalist concept of the building with a simple form without significant details.