KIEV | 20: Monochrome Small Apartment

A small apartment that can accommodate the needs of its residents. Monochrome colors combined with natural colors create an elegant interior with a warm masculine impression. The layout position allows activities in the apartment to be carried out in a linear manner but still comfortable. The arrangement of space from public to private makes residents feel comfortable with maintained privacy even in the apartment.

The living room with its large and long L-shaped sofa is very comfortable to receive many guests and relax while watching TV. The color combination of the light gray-black sofa matches the long black curtains on the windows. The large glass windows on the sides of the apartment provide natural light in the morning and afternoon so that the apartment does not lack light and darkness.

Due to its small size, this apartment does not have many partitions, so that between one room and another, it connects without being hindered by a partition. The living room merges with the dining room and kitchen, to mark the area it is marked with a striking animal skin rug between the monochrome furniture.