Laconia Loft West - House Decades

Laconia Loft West

The design of this three-story loft encloses private rooms and spaces within a distinctive ‘box’ of screens and louvered walls that sits within a larger skylit loft with walls of glass; kitchen, living and dining functions flow from one to another in a dramatic double height space with expansive city views that opens out to a large, wrap-around terrace.

Giant industrial windows allow natural sunlight to enter the entire room and can become the life of the room. Warm colors like light brown, beige, and wood add a cozy blend.

One detail that really attracts attention is the chandelier which is specially designed to match the industrial theme of this house. The lights are designed by arranging randomly arranged aluminum boxes with light bulbs that emit yellow light in all directions very beautifully.

Returning to the industrial concept, the stairs are made very striking by featuring solid black steel as a frame and steel threads arranged on the railings. The bottom of the stairs leaves an empty space which is used as a display area for beautiful artwork.