LCD Meridian

LCD Meridian is a 79.8 m2 apartment located in Kharkiv. Apartments with modern minimalist concepts are dominated by natural color tones that are masculine and seem firm, such as gray, brown, black, and white. The earth tone color also appears from the exposed materials in this apartment such as wood and marble which are suitable to be combined with several indoor plants that make the room feel fresh.

This apartment has a little partition that makes the room look more spacious. The kitchen, dining room and living room are in one area without a partition. The L-shaped kitchen is neither narrow nor wide but has functional and efficient storage spaces. A rectangular wooden dining table combined with black iron dining chairs which adds to the masculine impression with an industrial concept.

The living room is filled with a gray sofa and two beanbags of the same color that are comfortable and don’t take up much space. On the walls there is a combination of wood and PVC panels which are arranged into separate and unique details. Beneath the television is a minimalist storage room that doubles up with a fireplace.

The bedroom is still with a modern minimalist concept dominated by monochrome colors combined with a soft light blue color. The bedroom has many hidden storage areas in the form of a large cupboard attached to the wall so that the room looks clean and tidy.