LIVING IN A JUNGLE : Diving in a Dream House - House Decades

LIVING IN A JUNGLE : Diving in a Dream House

The apartment is a small penthouse in Turku of about 65 square meters. Before the renovation, too many doors closed the spaces and the passage of light. In addition, the bedroom enjoyed the most beautiful view of Turku’s historical emergencies; bringing light and creating a relaxing living space where my client could read were my goals.

The partial demolition of the walls was a natural consequence, as was the inversion in plan between the bedroom and the living room. Having established this first transformation, together with the client I chose the concept: we organized all the details that would have colored the white spaces both in person, while Juhana was in Rome, and in the following 400 emails. The result is what, at the moment, I consider the most representative of my style: a combination of different cultures. Studying the countries and becoming a recognizable part of them, an addition but never intrusive, is in fact what stimulates and encourages me the most.

The floor is covered with white lacquered ash, the shelves and table are in birch – the table, however, is in “burnt” birch. Wood is a constant presence in the project and, more generally for the Finns, but the real attention is catalyzed by nature, represented by the wallpaper, by the colors and by the contrasts and by that typically “Mediterranean” courage. The supplies themselves are a mix of the two cultures of the past and the present; the grandmother’s armchair is a vintage Finnish piece from the 60s as well as the red lamp, the arch that frames the wallpaper is the famous Twiggy by Foscarini and the pendant lamps are the Olimpia model by Ideal Lux, also Italian. Pay attention: everything coexists in perfect harmony.

In the sleeping area you really dream with the lunar design specially designed by Bimba Landmann. This artist satisfied the client’s wishes with shades of blue, which soften a wallpaper reminiscent of the snowy landscapes of Finland with frozen trees and crystals. A real corner of magic that reconciles sleep and that once again joins the rest of the room, combining the warmth of wood with the glacial tones of the wall and furnishings.

A house that still proves that it is not excessive spaces and unlimited budgets that sign the style, but creativity and the right cultural mix that give even 65 square meters a 100% design corner.