LOVE, WORK & ROBOTS: Apartment for Young Couple

This apartment for a young couple has an expressive and dynamic concept that expresses a passionate young soul. With a building area that is not too large, only 86 m2 this apartment in Kiev has its own uniqueness. The dominance of natural colors in the interior is balanced with the accent details given to the furniture. For example, in the living room, the sofa has a lively expressive pattern. Above it is a chandelier with a very unique shape, which is like a rope draped over a piece of wood on the ceiling. Very expressive and dynamic.

Because the size is not too broad, the use of space is maximized by creating a space without a partition between the living room and dining room and kitchen. This area is both a public area so the unification of space is not a problem.

Apart from being a place to live, this apartment is also a place to work where there is a special workspace with four work desks arranged in such a way. A work desk with a striking orange color creates an eye in the room. The workspace has access to natural sunlight which comes from a large glass window on one side of the room wall.