Miller Lane is a classic retro style house designed with a predominance of white on the exterior. The exterior of the building reflects the impression of being grand yet simple at one time. The walls of wood panels arranged horizontally and the gable emphasize the classic style.

The backyard has a large swimming pool with lounge chairs on the edge. Next to the house, there is also a sitting room with a wooden canopy which gives a warm impression for a gathering place with friends or family.

In addition to the exterior of the building, the inner walls of the building also use wood panels arranged horizontally, especially in the hallway so that it doesn’t look monotonous. These white walls with wood paneling are matched with light colored wood vinyl flooring.

The kitchen is also still dominated by white, with a classic white islan table and table that gives a clean impression. The black retro-style chandelier on the island table is the center of attention as a source of light in this room.

Apart from white, the living room also has a touch of beige and light brown. The family room has direct, unblocked access to the dining room and kitchen so that the room looks wider and gives family value.

The staircase area at the edge of the house is given lots of large windows as natural lighting so that this area is not dark and damp. Stairs arranged parallel to provide space in the middle for circulation. The stair railing is given a contrasting color, namely black to emphasize function.

The bathroom area is dominated by white which gives a clean impression. In each bathroom, there are two mirrors and two sinks as a special feature of this residential bathroom. The window that is placed on a certain side of the bathroom provides natural light that enters as lighting.

The bedroom is deliberately left with minimal furniture to make it seem more spacious and comfortable to rest. Choose wood brown in the wardrobe and brown on the carpet to give the room a warm impression.