Montecito Residence

The Montecito Residence occupies a majestic mountain site just south of Santa Barbara which lies between the Pacific Ocean to the south and the Santa Ynez Mountains to the north. A 100 year old olive grove wraps along the northern part of the site.

The project stretches along a natural ridge in an east / west direction, parallel to the Pacific Ocean, allowing the main hall to open up to stunning views of the Channel Islands and views of the Santa Ynez Mountains.

The large thin roof gently rests on the 3 main program volumes, creating a wide and wide open space in between. The living, family and kitchen areas all open to the infinity pool.

A guest room occupies the eastern end of the house, facing the beach through the existing oak trees. Top of the house on the west end with glass-enclosed master suite opening onto olive groves and views of Santa Barbara.

The house simultaneously fits and stands out against its natural setting. Light, earthy, smooth concrete walls emerge from the hillside and are juxtaposed against the smooth white plaster walls & ceiling. This neutral material palette is complemented by sliding glass doors framed in bronze and cracked white oak panels.

A minimal approach is taken to landscapes. The two main objectives are to conserve and protect the 100 year old olive grove along the north edge of the site and to strengthen and restore the continuing oak riparian zone in the southeast corner of the property.

Varied native California planting circles surround the site, slowly moving from a more natural state at the edge of the property to a more refined state as the landscape approaches the home.