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Mosman : Bold and Modern Home Maximises Dramatic views and Capitalises

Mosman” is a single residential located on the slopes of Mosman, Sydney. It is a 2015 completed design project by Philip Olmesdahl & Erin Gibbs Team collaboration with TKD Architects as the Architects in Association, Northrop as Consulting Engineers, TKD Architects & Alexandra Kidd Designs as Interior Design, Alexandra Kidd Designs as Interior Decor, and Secret Gardens Landscaping. This bold and modern home maximises dramatic views and capitalises on the great climate and indoor-outdoor lifestyle in Australia.


Mosman has a simple but very modern facade. The appearance of this building are exposes material such as wood, modern bricks, and concrete. Facade of the building does not have many open windows to expose the inside of the building but puts a wooden lattice to limit the view from the outside so that the building still looks private. Point of view of this building is located at the large door with exotic wood material.



The Mosman Residence interior has walls with exposed materials such as precast concrete, wood, brick combined with modern furniture with natural colours that are very harmonious with nature. In accordance with the building concept that is natural but still carries a bold modern theme. Stone elements also appear in some parts of the house, such as stones in the kitchen pantry, marble in the bathroom and floor.



All the rooms at Mosman Residence are directly related without excessive partition. On the ground floor there are public spaces such as living room, dining room, and kitchen so it does not require a partition for privacy. While private rooms such as bedrooms are placed on the second floor which can be accessed by stairs.



Mosman Residence has a natural but modern concept plan. This concept realized by putting many large glass windows oriented to the sea and swimming pool. In addition to getting a beautiful view, this large window also functions as natural lighting during the day and to achieve natural concept according to the plan of this building



The bathroom designed not only as an ordinary restroom, the touch of marble with sharp cuts and masculine colors that make the bathroom being both modern and elegant. Masculine impression affected by the marble with sharp cuts balanced by the accent of flowers in a vase that has a feminine effect. Wooden ceilings are given to give a warm effect to the bathroom.


The dining room is designed with dominant wood material arranged in a random geometric pattern. Wood material provides a warm effect on the dining room so it is expected to cause a familiar atmosphere when eating. There is a hidden closet on the wall that can be used as a storage room to save space and provide neatness.


Although the building has many windows with natural views, this house is designed to have a garden in the room so that it seems tropical. greenery is placed on the side of the building with large glass doors and large windows allowing fresh air from outside to enter the room.


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