Mount Vernon TH - House Decades

Mount Vernon TH

Challenged by an extremely narrow lot, Hacin + Associates took every opportunity to maximize natural lighting during the gut renovation of this 13-foot-wide traditional Beacon Hill townhouse. Double height spaces and continuous glass transom windows combine with a completely custom glass stair to pull daylight into the deepest spaces of this narrow vertical home. Throughout the six-story residence, crisp white walls and warm wood floors serve as a backdrop for the clients’ extensive collection of antiques and glass.

Stairs are the main part of the interior and structures that have special significance where the stairs are made with a design that has a “light” but functional concept. The combination of wood, iron and glass gives a “floating” impression on the stairs so that the room is not too full and tends to look more spacious.

The kitchen and dining room are dominated by bright colors that reflect natural light into the room through the large windows in the building. The white color also gives a wider impression to the building which has a little partition. The unique design chandelier sits right above the dining table highlighting an important part of the dining room.

Monochrome concept bathroom in black and white. Like the initial concept in the bathroom, there are large windows to enter natural light.