MW Apartment : Modern Architecture Throughout the Brazilian Northeast - House Decades

MW Apartment : Modern Architecture Throughout the Brazilian Northeast

The sea view is the center point of this MW Apartment, located in the iconic building by architect Gil Borsoi – an important name in disseminating modern architecture throughout the Brazilian northeast. With a volumetry full of movement and tall beams, the project’s challenge was to create comfortable high ceilings and allow for integrated social environments. The solution was to accept the apparent beams and, from the location of the pillars enfold them with woodwork and distribute the social areas in a broad and continuous way, parting it from the private and service areas. Furthermore, according to the couple’s plan, all of the circulation was thought to offer comfort and accessibility.

Attending the property owners’ briefing, a couple which lives in the apartment with one of their daughters, the intimate area holds two suites and the master suite, with two closets and interconnected bathrooms. The office was thought especially to accommodate an extensive photography collection. The service area offers a kitchen and a dedicated space to breakfast – a special clients’ request, who like to gather at this moment of the day. In the social area, the living rooms, dining room and the terrace are integrated and count on a continuous lateral landscape design to ensure privacy.

The proximity to the sea and the heat led to the choice for cold and resistant materials, mainly the unique flooring that extends throughout all of the apartment, reinforcing the sensation of fluidity. The walls in the social area received a cement painting, mimicking the texture of the apparent beams and pillars, contrasting with the Canela wood panel, which extends from the entrance of the apartment to the gourmet area with a long bench

Since the beginning there was a special preoccupation with the lighting project which, signed by Maneco Quinderé, consists of the concentration of the solutions in form of built-in lamps and LEDs in warm tones, creating a comfortable and natural light. The textures of the fabrics, carpets and curtains are warm to bring a cozy feeling. The furniture has pieces signed by renowned designers such as Ricardo Fasanello and Arthur Casas, such as the Breaco lamp, the Ela and Fusca sofas and the Max chair. There is an outstanding local popular art collection by Nicola, Jean, Veríssimo , Dona Irineia, among others.