Napeague Lane is located in Amagansett, NY with an area of 4500 Square Feet. Napeague Lane is a beachfront residence with a stilt house construction system with a concrete foundation that functions to stabilize the building on uneven ground.

Napeague Lane has an exterior that is dominated by wood panels that are arranged horizontally combined with black steel frames on the doors and windows. Napeague Lane has a sloping roof that responds to the surrounding natural conditions, namely on a strong windy beach so that the building is more able to break the wind. One of the things that attract attention from the exterior of Napeague Lane is the black gutter that is allowed to become part of the exterior ornament of the building.

The large windows that are placed in the building are not the only square, there are large windows that are shaped in the shape of the roof of the building, namely a triangle so that the sunlight entering the building can be maximized up to the top of Napeague Lane. This makes the building more energy efficient because it does not require additional lights in the morning and during the day.

The interior of Napeague Lane has bright shades with white domination combined with wood on the floor and the kitchen set, especially in the kitchen area. The kitchen area has direct access to the living and dining areas. This house has a concept of the minimal bulkhead so that it appears wider and free.

The kitchen area to the living room is limited only by a bar table and bar stools. The living room area is made very simple with just a big comfortable white sofa, a fireplace planted in the wall and a television. Even though it is simple, this room is very comfortable and warm because of the building materials used in the interior and also the furniture.

The stairs are made to float with a black steel frame and thick wooden steps. The stair railing made of black steel and wood makes this staircase emphasize the minimalist concept of the interior of the house. On the walls around the stairs are given large windows for the entry of light so that the staircase area is not dark.