Neahkahnie House : Oregon Coastline House - House Decades

Neahkahnie House : Oregon Coastline House

Built on a spectacular bluff overlooking the rugged Oregon coastline, this small vacation house was designed as a glass living and dining pavilion resting atop an enclosed and shingled lower bedroom and garage level. The design reflects the clients’ wishes for a flexible, family-friendly plan that incorporates the careful framing of specific views, and the use of sustainable materials.

In accordance with the concept of building this house, namely the use of sustainable materials, the exterior of the building uses wooden panels that are neatly arranged with wooden stairs all of which have white shades.

The interior of the kitchen and dining area has beautiful sea views. Minimalist furniture with warm brown and wood tones gives a family-friendly impression. The small kitchen section has a lot of storage hidden in the cabinet so that it always looks neat and well organized. The difference in floor material divides the space between the kitchen and dining room where the dining room uses wooden parquet and the kitchen uses wood tile.

The size of the house that is not too big makes the storage area limited, but it can be overcome with hidden storage space, such as at the bottom of the stairs, bookshelves that are planted on the wall, and walls that are used as storage.