Newport Firehouse

The Newport Firehouse has undergone the renovation and preservation of this previously crumbling nineteenth-century brick fire house. ‘Hose 8’ is now a three-story residence with integrated green technology, such as a geothermal system. During the three years of restoration, the historic building had to be completely demolished due to structural problems. It was carefully reinstalled brick by brick, with a new foundation and a flexible layout that allows for configurable configurations over the lifetime of the occupants. The bright modern interior is of course complemented by an antique fireplace, for alternative circulation to the first floor.

From the entrance, there is a staircase leading to the 2nd floor with monochrome colors and wooden handrails, dark wooden staircase with aluminum railing. At the top of the stairs there are skylights that illuminate almost the entire room in the morning and during the day. This skylight is one of the energy-efficient home solutions so it doesn’t need a lot of lights in the morning and during the day.

The interior of the living room is dominated by white walls and dark wooden parquet floors. Leather sofa in dark brown color matches the parquet color. To support the energy saving concept, air conditioning is not used but a fan is used. On the wall there are storage cabinets and bookshelves with a planting concept so that it doesn’t require a lot of additional space.

On the side of the living room, there is a billiard room which can be accessed directly through the family room on the 2nd floor, which is unique to access not only via stairs but there is a pole pole to drop from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor making this house even more fun. The family room on the 2nd floor has a slightly different color tone, with the dominance of white in the furniture.

The kitchen area is beautifully designed, this room is integrated between the kitchen, dining room and bar table so that it feels warm and full of interaction. The kitchen is not too big but functional with hidden storage that makes it neat. Bar stools made of iron frame make the room look like it doesn’t have too many items that take up space. The dining table is designed like in a cafe with comfortable sifa chairs and can be seen from the 2nd floor.

The bedroom and bathroom have the same concept and color tone, namely black and white. This room seems more masculine but still warm with the wooden accents on the floor and some of the furniture used in the room.