North End Loft

Located within the shell of an 1840s trading wharf building, North End Loft involves converting three residential units into a two-story loft. Produced by an integrated team of designers, artists, and craftspeople, including skilled masons, metalworkers, and concrete craftsmen, the loft is designed to reveal a genuine surface while hiding the mechanics of 21st-century technology.

The special aircraft wing-shaped steel island is a site-specific art installation and focal point for collaboration. Designed to feel “weightless” despite the heavy steel construction, the island contains state-of-the-art convection hobs and is furnished with real wood columns, symbolically bridging the gap between the building’s history and its adaptive reuse. Overall, the project was an extension of this idea – juxtaposing modernity with history, craft and technology.

The bedroom is designed with a simple minimalist concept by highlighting the exposed building materials, namely red bricks and wood, giving a beautiful rustic effect. The bed and other furnishings include a soft, inconspicuous gray carpet. The same nuance was also chosen for the bathroom so that the bathroom looks wider.

Black steel material dominates in the transition area. The combination of wood and black steel on the stairs fits perfectly with the rustic exposed brick walls. Very large metal doors have sliding technology that makes the door less heavy when opened. On one side of the wall, a red brick detail is made with 3 levels of prominent arrangement which makes the wall more interesting.

The hallway is not just a link between spaces but more than that, it is designed in an interesting detail like an art gallery. Colorful abstract paintings are lined up along the hallway while on the other side of the wall are randomly arranged aluminum butterflies. The ceiling is made with a light effect that highlights the artwork.

The family room and living room are equipped with very large glass windows and large sliding doors as well. A sofa in gray color and a single chair in a striking color complement the rustic feel of the room. The walls are not left plain, they put paintings that beautify and give color to the room. The firewood storage area is hidden in a sliding-door cabinet so it looks neat.