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Northern: Small But Functional Apartment

Northern is an apartment located in the Moscow region, Russia with an area of ​​30 sq.m. This apartment was designed in December 2020 and is currently under construction. The house was designed by architect Katerina Kuznetsova through the company Simple Forms Interiors. This apartment has a very small size with limited land but is still functional and space efficient.

The interior of an apartment with a modern minimalist concept dominated by dark natural colors. Black, gray, brown and similar colors dominate the interior design of this house. The combination of these colors with the exposed material that is displayed becomes an interesting combination. The arrangement of wood, marble and other materials is very harmonious.

The furniture chosen to fill the interior of this house is furniture with a minimalist concept. In the living room there is a large L-shaped sofa made of velvet in dark gray and brown colors that are warm but firm. In the center is a short coffee table made of black marble that contrasts with the light gray fur carpet below.