‘O-asis’ is a new, solar powered home designed to integrate modern life with the timeless beauty of music, sunlight, and desert flora and fauna. The house sits low in the desert at just 12.5 feet tall, surrounded by a rusted steel rattlesnake fence and finished in white stucco with recessed wood niches.

Its strong horizontal form was designed as a datum for highlighting the dramatic shapes of the desert landscape. The pool breaks from the ‘O’ shaped plan, drawing you out into the desert towards the mountain views to the south and is capped by a built-in fire pit bench.

In the center of the home is a courtyard that brings in indirect natural light, fresh air, and unique plants. Pocketing glass doors on either side of the main living space funnel cool breezes through the house while transforming the main living areas of the house into a covered open air space in seconds.

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