Oak Pass Guesthouse

The Oak Pass Road guesthouse uses its height and a small footprint to maximize panoramic canyon views and strengthen its connection to the surrounding tree-filled site.

The lower level consists of a rehabbed and enlarged barn and newly constructed living spaces. The upper floor is clad in wood and has bedrooms at opposite corners of the floating volume.

The mass of this building consists of a random arrangement of cubes according to the modern minimalist concept. Materials in the form of dark oak wood, exposed plaster walls, and black steel give the building a masculine impression.

In addition to the building mass which is in the form of a cube, beside this building there is another mass with a different shape, which is shaped like a wooden barn. Between one mass and another connected by aisle with a small terrace.

The barn-like part of the house contains a large L-shaped sofa and a piano overlooking the side of the house with large glass windows overlooking a beautiful pine forest.

This building has large openings in the form of large glass windows to enjoy the view from the top of the hill as well as functions as access to sunlight and natural ventilation.