Beverly Hills House

The Oak Pass Main house uses an “Upside Down” program, with public spaces above the bedrooms, which are buried into the hill and beneath a green roof of edible herbs.

This relatively large house at 8,000 square feet appears much smaller and carefully integrated into the surrounding landscape, which includes over one hundred and thirty Coast Live Oaks.

A seventy five foot swimming pool, with infinity edges on three of four sides, bisects the house and slips below one of the largest Oaks on the property.

The concept of this house is modern minimalist with a masculine appearance. The masculine impression was created through the exposed building materials and the colors that were highlighted.

The location of the building in the hills makes the building design adapt to the contour of the land from its location. Some of the private rooms are located below, while the more public spaces above are included in the entrance area of the building.

The area of the room above has large openings in the form of large glass windows to enjoy the view from the top of the hill as well as function as access to sunlight and natural ventilation.

Typical hilly plants are arranged in such a way both in the upper and lower areas to sweeten the building.

For the lower area, a small garden is created for the entrance of natural light and natural ventilation with a garden design system in the middle of the building. This garden also serves as a gathering area with a fireplace in the middle. At night the porch hallway is lit up so it becomes even more beautiful.

The kitchen and dining area are located in a mass that juts out into the upper area. The incoming light and wind are maximized to support cooking and eating activities.

The kitchen set is not made as usual, there are no upper cupboards, storage space is maximized on the table and wall-mounted cabinets, instead the cooking table area is treated to a large glass window for sunlight and views.

Between the dining room and the family room, there is a partition in the form of a storage room and a fireplace which has a minimalist concept made of wood.

The stairs are made of wood and glass railings according to the minimalist concept. The walls use concrete panels and the floor is made of wood.

There is a wine storage area dominated by wood materials. The room lighting is obtained through the skylights so that this room is not damp and dark.

The bathroom and bedroom do not escape the typical view of the hills. Still with wooden nuances on the walls, floors and furniture.