On 300 m2, we have established a place very close to our values ​​and aesthetics. An open, spacious place, conducive to the free flow of energy, without formal boundaries. We organized everything in the form of circular communication. In the center we placed a cubicle with a bedroom with a wardrobe and a bathroom. 

The rest of the functions were smoothly arranged around, turning one into the other: the entrance hall into the kitchen, the kitchen into the dining room, the dining room into the sitting area, the one into the library, and she back into the hall. In order not to disturb the harmony of this space, we have hidden the elements serving the organization of life in buildings that are also walls.

The apartment on the first floor was immersed in nature thanks to numerous plantings of high and low vegetation on the terrace. The direct connection of the kitchen, dining room and lounge area with the terrace and the enormous glazing on both sides of the façade in the interior make the interior feel close to nature, its soothing energy and peace.

We complemented the harmonious, rhythmic, almost minimalistic space with deliberately chosen objects. Nothing is accidental here. Everything has a purpose and meaning here. An important design accent was the mirror designed by Oskar Zeta. 

The rooms feature large, conical Wastber lamps, Desiree and Sbaitalia modular sofas, Poliform carpet, Carl Hansen & Søn chairs and & tradition armchairs. The design of objects filled the form of space with content.